Carl D. Brown
director, cinematographer, editor, writer, producer
In 2002, Carl moved from Brooklyn to the Bay Area, starting his own freelance video production company, Corduroy Media. His concern with social inequality, environmental racism and corporate control of information and media outlets motivates his projects with independent artists, non-profit foundations, and educational groups. He currently works with clients in the Bay Area and New York. His educational, narrative and corporate work have been broadcast on VH1 and shown at film festivals, educational conferences, and corporate training sessions. Second Verse is Carl’s first feature length documentary.
Erin Beach
writer, producer, assistant editor
Erin Beach is a professional photographer, videographer and journalist. In 2002, Erin produced and filmed a documentary about an inner city hip-hop dance troupe in Oakland that helps keep kids off the streets. It is currently in post- production. In 2000, Erin spent 18 days in Havana, Cuba, studying photography with National Geographic photographer David Allan Harvey. She focused on teen culture, a recurring theme in her work. Erin's photographs have appeared in USA Today, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Chicago Tribune, the Pioneer Press newspaper group, the Charleston (WV) Gazette and the Winston-Salem Journal.
  Paul Morril associate producer, camera operator Pilar Zuniga post-production advisor  
Ben Kruer production assistant Dave Yanofsky production advisor
Keith Morikawa camera assistant Paul Morril production advisor
Max Rosenblum production assistant Hugh Campbell post-production advisor
Kris Star post-production assistant Liz Nord distribution advisor
  Paul Scheffert music production Greg Marasso music production  
  Jason Snell music production Lenny Lesser music production  
Damond Moodie music production James Minton sound mixing and mastering
Moosaka music production Corduroy Media production company
Carlo Petrini music production Youth Speaks partnership organization