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  Yosimar Reyes Marc Bamuthi Joseph  
An undocumented immigrant born in Mexico and raised by his grandparents in San Jose, CA, Yosimar begins writing about the challenges his family faces living in the US. As he meets a host of other writers and performers he learns to use poetry to clarify the more personal challenges of race and sexuality. Marc Bamuthi Joseph, originally from NYC, is an arts activist currently living in Oakland, California. He is a National Poetry Slam champion, Broadway veteran, GOLDIE award winner, featured artist on the past two seasons of Russell Simmons' Def Poetry on HBO and a recipient of 2002 and 2004 National Performance Network Creation commissions.
Emiliano Bourgois-Chacon James Kass
San Francisco's Youth Poet Laureate, Emiliano uses his writing and performance to reveal his personal challenges of living with a physical disability often to difficult to discuss in his daily life. Originally from New York, James Kass, is the Founder and Executive Director of Youth Speaks. Since 1996, Youth Speaks has set a national standard for creative writing, poetry, and spoken word programs for youth.
Meilani Clay Saul Williams
Coming from Hayward, CA, Meilani uses her poetry to voice her political and personal beliefs regarding race, body image and family. To thousands of youth across America, Saul Williams has defined and redefined poetry as an accessible, living art form. His groundbreaking work in the acclaimed film Slam has placed him as a figure head in the spoken word movement in the US.
George Watsky Aya de Leon
Attending one of San Francisco's elite college prep high schools, George uses performance poetry to voice his concerns about equality and privilege. Writer, performer, hip hop theater artist, poetic activist, and community healer Aya de Leon lives in the Oakland Bay Area.
Shannon Matesky Abiodun Oyewole
San Francisco Youth Speaks Slam Champion Abiodun was a founding member of the legendary American musical poetry group, The Last Poets, and shares his views on the importance of community to poets.
    Raquel Topete  
An english teacher at the Latino College Prep Academy in San Jose, Raquel is a poet, performer activist and Co-coach and mentor of the San Jose Youth Poetry Slam League.
  Ruben Zamora  
Co-coach and mentor of the San Jose Youth Poetry Slam League.